Project promotion at Delft Keramika


Small Prototype
First workshop. Prepping for crowdfunding sale on Lichtjesavond.
Awesome helpers!

44425131_1558926110919418_8106310489807519744_n44428317_1558926050919424_5485044584159379456_n44433694_1558925757586120_897037240125882368_n44445885_1558946700917359_3698151143197638656_n44509522_1558931994252163_8247369903141552128_n44452573_1558946757584020_1940554962652102656_n44511524_2137341806531709_629878720852656128_n44521388_1558932040918825_6581245298956304384_n44533056_1558925807586115_8568772566578102272_n44621769_729117247432704_5593353587666190336_nThis community art project will transform a boring brick wall on the Papenstraat in Delft into a replica of a Frederick de Wit map from 1672. The participants will make houses and other buildings in clay and the streets, canals and green areas will be done in mosaic. This project will be crowdfunded, so it really belongs to the citizens of Delft!

See website!

Article in the AD

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